5 Common Causes of Hot Water System Repair in Toowoomba


Have you ever stepped on your bathroom expecting hot water to flow from your shower, but was instead greeted by a cold one? That could be enough to ruin your entire day!

Avoid experiencing the same, especially this coming winter. Ensure that your hot water system in Toowoomba is working efficiently. Read on to know some of the causes why your hot water system may need a repair, today.

Broken heating elements

An electric hot water system is a cylindrical tank that stores hot water and heats it with electronic elements. It allows the water to stay hot even longer. When someone uses the water, the tank will refill with cold water and the said electric elements will then reheat.

If the heating elements get broken, your system won’t be able to work effectively. Thus, it cannot heat the water inside the tank.

Don’t wait for winter to arrive before you get this fixed. Talk to us for us to fix it immediately.

Defective thermostat

Thermostat signals the heating elements when to heat up. It also monitors the temperature of the water.

A normal electric hot water system has two thermostats --- the top and the lower thermostat. The top thermostat serves as the coordinator between the upper and the lower elements of the system. Whenever the water at the top reaches the right temperature, the lower thermostat sets. If the lower thermostat notices that the water isn’t warm enough, it turns on the lower element.

Meaning to say, if the thermostat in your electric hot water system in Toowoomba is breaking down, it could result to a very hot or extremely cold water.


A leak in your hot water tank could result in a hot water shortage.

If the water inside the tank is really hot, the pressure valve releases the pressure that has built up. This may cause moisture and water to build up around the tank.  With this, small amounts of water could be considered normal or could indicate that your thermostat is a little too high. So, if you observe lots of water around your electric hot water system, immediately switch it off to avoid danger.

Electrical Faults

A blown fuse is the common cause of hot water shortage.

Always check if a switch has tripped or maybe someone has turned it off. If the switch is off, might as well get a licensed electrician to test the circuit board.  If the switch is still in the on position, a fuse may have blown. When this happens, avoid do-it-yourself repair and call an electrician instead.

It is simply too old

The reason why household appliances stop working is because of old age.

Bear in mind that an electric hot water system has an expected lifespan of about 10 years. If it goes beyond this, it will show signs of decreased performance.

Instead of checking and fixing issues, it is best to just replace your hot water system in Toowoomba. This option will save you from expensive repair. If you could only imagine how an old unit would require constant repairs and increase energy consumption.


Whenever experiencing electrical issues with your electric hot water system, it is best to consult an electrician.

Always seek an advice from the expert and avoid do-it-yourself repair. Remembering these two things will save you from any danger that may arise.

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