Do you notice a strange and erratic drum rotation with your washing machine or clothes dryer? 

Is it taking longer for your clothes to dry or does your clothes feel hot at the end of the cycle while your dryer becomes hot to touch?
Do you notice a burning smell while it rotates?

These are just some of the common problems you may experience with your clothes dryer in Toowoomba. Avoid this from happening by conducting a regular clothes dryer maintenance routine with a reliable and licensed electrician. Otherwise, it may lead to fire.

Clothes Dryer Maintenance Toowoomba Tips and Recommendations

Four Things To Do To Help Make Your Clothes Dryer Last Longer

Expand the life cycle of your clothes dryer by:

  • Always cleaning your dryer’s lint filter after using it
  • Reading the manufacturer’s instructions before using it for the first time
  • Installing, using, and cleaning your dryer as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Arranging heated towel rails so the lowest heated rails are 600 mm above the flooring in order to protect your kids

Aside from these, do the necessary due diligence by remembering to perform the following clothes dryer maintenance tips:

1. Keep the area clean and clutter free
Keep the area around your dryer dry and well ventilated. Make sure there’s no scattered clothes and other items. Clutters can heat up the temperature of the dryer’s drum and may cause a fire.

2. Clean the filter’s lint before use
Lint build-up can cause a fire when the drum’s temperature rises up. Thus, it is important to keep the dryer, filter, and surroundings lint-free by using a vacuum.

Need a licensed electrician to help clean your filter? Send us a message.

3. Use a tumble dryer that is in good working condition
If your dryer is making sounds and noises that are unusual, then you should stop using it. If the dryer’s timer is also not working properly, stop using it and call a licensed electrician in Toowoomba to check on your dryer’s condition.

Don’t second guess. Immediately let a professional check on this matter.

4. Make your dryer’s exhaust duct short and straight

If the duct is too long and has a lot of bends, it can accumulate much lint and cause your dryer to do its work longer than usual. Let a licensed Toowoomba electrician fix this isssue for you. Contact us.

5. Only tumble dry safe fabrics
Make sure to read the instructions on what you can use on your dryer and what you can use on it - such as fabric softeners and similar products. Otherwise, this may mean damaging your clothes dryer.

6. Follow the maximum approved capacity of your clothes dryer
Loading your dryer too much can prolong the drying time. This can cause serious long-term problems with your dryer.

7. Complete the cool down cycle
Make sure to let the cool down cycle finish before you unload items from the dryer. This cycle allows your dryer to lower the temperature from drying the clothes and reduces the tendencies of warm clothes to ignite in the drum.

Why is there a need for a licensed electrician to check your clothes dryer?

A clothes dryer can be maintained and cleaned by the homeowner by following the manufacturer’s instructions. But keep in mind that the interior of the dryer must only be cleaned and maintained by a licensed electrician in Toowoomba.

The above-mentioned tips are simple ways you can do to take care of your dryer. However, if you see any serious problems, don’t try to fix them yourselves. Call a licensed electrician in Toowoomba to check your dryer’s condition and repair it.