Everyone would like to keep their homes warm and cosy this winter. But no one would be happy seeing their energy bill go high. Is there a way to keep your energy bills at a moderate level without cranking your air conditioner?

How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter


Yes! There are different ways you can stay warm during winter, without spending too much. Read on to know some of these recommendations.

Use Flannel Sheets

During cold times, you can still shiver at night time even if you have covers. This feeling can leave you unsettled while catching up on a good night sleep.

Avoid this by using flannel sheets as a warmer. You’ll see how it is a better way to warm up while remaining cozy. With the warmth it gives, you can now safely turn down the heat for you to save some energy while sleeping.


Insulating your home does not only help you keep your house warm it also help you shove off 10% to 50% from your electric bill. This way, you won’t be cranking up your air conditioner. Thus, its best to invest on it before the arrival of winter.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers is not only applicable when going outside, but you can also do this at home to add warmth to your body. Layers of clothes can insulate your body and keep the heat inside your home.

Do it to save on your energy bill during winter.

Leave the Oven Open after Baking

Leaving your oven open after baking allows the heat to travel through the room and make it warm. Just make sure to be cautious if you have kids inside your home as they might get burnt


Wear Thick Socks and Slippers

This principle is almost the same as dressing in layers. You’ll be able to keep the warmth by wearing thick socks and slippers on your feet. It’s also a good habit as it keeps lock in moisture to your skin.


Unblock Heating Vents, Radiators, and Registers

Moving furniture away from the heating vents, radiators and registers allow the air to flow more freely. In this manner, heat is not trapped and can flow around the house to keep you warm.

Thus, it is common for homeowners to move furniture during winter solely for this purpose. You’ll be surprised with how these simple move can make your house warmer during winter.

Don’t Forget the Rugs

Rugs also help in the insulation of your home. Thus, it is common for many houses to place more rugs during winter time. It also serves as a barrier for your feet from the coldness of the floor.

Put the Ceiling fan in Reverse

Turning the ceiling fan at a low speed in a reverse direction pushes the warm air down the ground. This results to a warmer temperature around the house.

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