As a homeowner, dealing with expensive repairs are all on you. Even if at times, these electrical fixes seem like they came out of nowhere, you still need to deal with them. 


Whether it is going to the hardware store or calling for a licensed electrician in Toowoomba to fix the problem, both of these are charged under your expense. These costs vary, depending on the degree of damage and repair your electrical appliance has experienced. 


How to future proof your cash flow


This list of “unexpected” expenses can go on forever, but do you know that there is a way for you to avoid this from happening? 




You can future proof your cash flow if you follow these preventive maintenance electrical tips, today. Read on. 

1. Check your washer and dryer

These are often overlooked since they’re just calmly sitting in your laundry. But do you know that lint can build up in the dryer while your dishwasher may have leaks? Thus, checking them from time to time for signs of damages can help you prevent bigger problems, such as fire from the lint and floods due to dishwasher problems.

2. Drain the water heater

Flush your water heater at least once a year. Better yet hire an electrician to do the job for you. This way, the sediments that were accumulated through time inside your water heater can be flushed out. This will result in your heater working more efficiently and it can even make it last longer.

3. Clean the refrigerator coils

Dirt can accumulate inside your refrigerated. This results to further damage and decreased the performance of your refrigerator. 


Have these refrigerator coils cleaned at least twice a year, so can help you save up money from repairs and energy costs. 

4. Change your air filters

It is recommended to check the air filters or your air conditioners and filters every 3 months. But for those who have allergies, then it’s better if it is done once a month. 


Do this regularly and you’ll help extend the life of your devices from frequent repairs. 

5. Ducted air conditioners
preventive maintenance checklist

Preventive maintenance on your ducted air conditioners at least twice a year is better than spending too much on repairs. Choose a specialist that will run a routine check and check on your ducted air conditioners like Care Technical Services

6. Clean your range hood filters

Clean your range hood filters at least once a month. This will help ensure that your range hood is working properly. 


Remember that accumulated dirt and fumes from cooking can build up in the hood and make it hard for it to do its job. Thus, it is best to clean it regularly. 

7. Check your roof storage area – via manhole


When was the last time you checked your roof storage area – via manhole? Do you know that because this is the most forgotten part of the house that big problems lurk within it? This includes:


  • Leaks
  • Pest infestation
  • Insulation damages


Regularly clean and inspect your roof storage area – via manhole at least once a month to avoid any of these from happening.



Preventive maintenance is a cost-effective solution to future proof your cash flow. Check on all your appliances every change of season to know if it is working efficiently. Otherwise, be prepared to face sudden electrical breakdowns because of faulty wirings and electrical damages. 


Do you need a licensed electrician to check on your electrical wirings and appliances? Send us a message.