It is hard to survive Toowoomba’s summer heat without an efficient air conditioning unit. But, without proper use and maintenance of this equipment, you may only end up breaking it down.



Learn how you can maximise your air conditioning unit’s efficiency in this article. Read on. 


4 Things You Should Never Do with Your Air Conditioning Unit in Toowoomba

There are some things you should do with your air conditioning unit in Toowoomba, here are some of them:


Don't set the temperature too low

Setting your aircon unit in Toowoomba at a very low temperature to cool the room faster is a no-no. Do this and you're just slowly wrecking your unit. 

You should know that AC units blow the same power of cool air whatever the room's temperature maybe. The set temperature only tells the unit when it will stop pushing out cool air. Thus, changing the temperature setting won't quickly cool your room anything.

A safer alternative to cool your room is this, set your AC unit within your ideal temperature. Let it do its job. If you don't want to wait long for your unit to cool your home when you come in; then adding smart thermostat that will turn it on 30 minutes before your arrival will do the trick. 


Don't let your air conditioning unit run all the time

Leaving your air conditioning unit on when you go to work is not advisable. This will not only increase your energy consumption, but maker your air conditioning unit work harder. If no one is at home, it is better to just let your unit take a rest. 


Do not leave doors, windows, and AC vents open

Don't forget about the air space capability of your AC unit. Never assume that all the doors, windows and vents are closed. Leaving any openings will let the hot air get inside the room and the cool air to leak out. This will make your aircon unit work double time. 


5 Things You Should Always Do with Your Aircon Unit

Now that you know the things you should never do with your aircon, here are the things you should always remember:


Use the fan

Some owners think that their air conditioning unit in Toowoomba is enough on its own. Well, technically speaking, it can do the cooling job by itself. But if you want to effectively use the unit, let it work with the fan. The fan helps to circulate the cool air around the room. This makes cooling it faster.


Clean the AC unit between seasons

Condensation forms inside the AC unit during operation. That can actually go out on its own but if you don't regularly clean the unit, condensation can be stuck in. Moulds and bacteria can build-up that can be added in the air that the unit pumps out. That can cause airborne diseases like simple cough and colds and even pneumonia and asthma. So make sure to clean your AC unit every after the change of season.

Need help cleaning your air conditioning unit? Send us a message. 


Change the AC unit's filter

All air conditioning units have filters. This acts as a barrier to any particles that can cause internal damage. Particles that are accumulated in the filter can reduce the unit's airflow. It makes the unit work harder resulting in a blast in your energy consumption.


Reduce heat sources

Heat sources like window cracks, appliances, and windows can add up to the hot air that the AC needs to work on. Reduce these heat sources during summer with the following.


  • Cover windows with thick light colored curtains
  • Avoid constantly using washer and dryers while the AC unit is on. These can generate heat.
  • Seal any wall or window cracks where heat can seep in through.
  • Add some insulation in the sun-facing walls.
  • If possible, use the microwave to reheat food than using the stove.


By reducing the heat sources inside your room - the hot air that your aircon needs to work on will be lessened. Therefore, it becomes more effective and efficient in cooling your home.

Regularly maintain your air conditioning unit

Regular maintenance of your aircon unit is a must to keep its performance at top shape. This also helps in extending your unit's life span. Thus, if you notice something unusual with your aircon, have it immediately checked by a professional aircon technician.

Tapping a professional aircon technician to regularly maintain your unit is cheaper than buying a new AC unit if yours break down. With regular maintenance you'll be able to see if there are any potential issues within your unit. Remember, prevention is still a lot better than cure.