An air conditioner that is not cooling, especially on a hot summer day, is a nightmare no one wants to experience. That's one hell of bad news, which means you'll have to fan yourself or drown in sweat.

Reasons Why Your Toowoomba Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling This Summer


Find out why this happens and how you can avoid it in this article.


Not enough coolant

Your air conditioner’s coolant helps in cooling the air that the AC unit pumps out through circulating in the evaporator coil. When the level of the coolant is low, the air conditioner fails to cool.


Thus, it is common for the air conditioning unit that doesn’t cool to have insufficient coolants. The best solution is to top it up and refill it with one. However, do not do it on your own. Rather call a professional aircon technician in Toowoomba to do it for you. 


Malfunctioning parts

Malfunctioning parts is another reason why your AC is not cooling. It may be a damaged thermistor, defective motor, faulty control board, blocked capillary, a defective capacitor in the compressor, etc. To know more, call a professional aircon technician right away. 


Defective remote

It may seem like a simple issue but this happens in reality. A faulty or defective remote control will not send the command to your AC unit. Fortunately, there's a simple solution - get a new remote.


Congested Air Filter

If the air conditioner's filter is clogged then your unit will not really cool up. The AC will not be able to pump out the cool air properly through the congested air filter. So either clean your AC's filter regularly or replace it when needed.


Broken thermostat

If your AC is working with a thermostat there can also be an error with it. The thermostat senses the room's temperature and sends a command to the AC's compressor to start or stop the cooling sequence. If the thermostat is broken and not able to send a command to the compressor - the unit will not do its work.


Undersized AC unit

An airconditioning unit that may be within your budget but not accurate to the room where you'll use it - will not work efficiently. A small AC unit to a large room will have a hard time cooling it. Especially during the hotter season. The size of the AC must be appropriate to the room size it will work on.


Unclean coils

Air conditioners have condenser coils. If the coils are dirty and full of debris, the AC will not be able to cool enough. If the condenser coils are dirty, it won’t be able to dissolve the heat outside. If its continuously left unclean, the AC unit will be ineffective to cooling. The coils must be kept clean to work properly. 


Defective compressor

The heart of the AC unit is the compressor, which is also responsible for cooling the room. It’s a motor that compresses the coolant and circulates it to the evaporator and condenser coils.   If the compressor is defective then the unit will not be able to function its cooling cycle.


High atmospheric temp

Every air conditioning unit in Toowoomba has an ideal atmospheric temperature or surrounding temperature where it works effectively. When it is too hot outside, the surrounding temperature will reach a stage where its compressor will completely stop working. When that temperature soars up beyond the limit, the AC goes down.



These are just a few of the factors why an air conditioner is not cooling. Is your unit not cooling? You may be experiencing one of these problems. Call Care Technical Services now and have your unit checked immediately.