Proper management of your air conditioning unit in Toowoomba is valuable to ensure the health of your unit is in tip-top shape - and that you're not blowing your electric bill. So here are the things you should never do with your air conditioner if you want to keep it longer.

Mistakes You Should Never Do With Your Air Conditioning Unit in Toowoomba



Disregarding the air filter

Air filters are important because it blocks off any particles and debris that sucks in the AC. Particles and debris can build-up after some time. At least around 6 months or so, it will be filled with dirt - and that will block off the cool air that the AC is pumping out.


Not cleaning or replacing your AC's filter will cause it to not perform the cooling cycle properly.

Not regularly checking the drain

Almost every AC system use a drain to take care of the condensation and water-related issues by releasing them outside the house. You may think that the drains are just for the dirty job  - but checking them regularly is significant to your air conditioners.


If the drains get clogged, the dirty water won't be able to pass through. Water can overflow and that's not good for the flooring and walls. Due to the overflowing water, there'll be overflowing moisture that's bad for the AC. So make sure that your drains are not filled with junk inside.


Trying to avoid replacement or upgrade

Most consumers think that replacing their air conditioning unit in Toowoomba are not needed as long as they're taking good care of it. But! In reality, a replacement or an upgrade is needed. Especially if your unit is an old version.


Ever heard of the inverter versions of the AC units. These versions of ACs are a lot better in performance and can help you save on your electric bill - rather than keeping your old unit. If your AC is 12 years old already, consider a replacement.

Not updating the thermostat setting

Most homeowners now are using a smart thermostat where they can program it to automatically manage the cooling of the AC unit. Though the thermostat can start up or switch off your unit, it still needs updating to cope up to your needs.


Climate change. It gets hotter then it gets colder. Not because your thermostat is already programmed, you don't need to change it anymore. Update it so that it can adjust to its surroundings.

Never setting-up a check-up

Just like humans, ACs needs a regular check-up by a professional aircon technician. Air conditioning units, in time, can slowly lose sufficient refrigerant to operate properly.


If not attended properly by a professional technician, your unit will fail to work in the long run. Tapping a professional aircon technician to check and run maintenance on your AC unit is a must. It'll save you a lot of money from a damage repair or from an unexpected replacement.



Hopefully, you can avoid these mistakes and keep your air conditioning unit in Toowoomba intact. Do you notice anything unusual with your AC unit? Send a message now.