Ideal Air Conditioner Temperature To Save Electricity 


The ideal air conditioner temperature depends on the season and time of the day.


But are you aware that for every degree that you increase or decrease your air conditioner’s temperature, it also increases the energy you consume by up to 10%?


Learn some tips to attain the perfect balance between home comfort and saving electricity at the same time.


Best Air Conditioner Temperature To Save Money


The recommended air conditioner temperature in winter is 21 to 22 degrees and 24 to 25 degrees in summer to keep the unit’s maximum energy efficiency.


But making slight changes to your unit can help you save money and energy.


So, when you set the temperature to 22 degrees in summer and change it to 25, chances are you could cut your everyday air conditioning energy consumption to over 20 percent. This tip can actually help reduce your electricity bill without compromising your comfort.


Why shouldn’t I set it at a very low temperature?


Setting your air conditioning unit to a very low temperature like 20 degrees can stress your air conditioning system and cause excessive wear and tear. This can make your AC unit’s life shorter.


Maintaining a moderate temperature can still give you relief while keeping your air conditioner to run its optical performance. Aside from that, it also contributes to reduced chances of a power outage in your area during a heatwave.


Most Energy Efficient Temperature 


In order to ensure the maximum energy efficiency from your air conditioner, choose 22 degrees in winter and 24 in summer. And maybe you should also think of having an energy-efficient air conditioning unit.


You can easily see the energy efficiency of the air conditioner through the handy energy rating labels that can be seen on the appliance.


The said label will show a rating on a 6-star scale. The rating is based on the energy service per unit of energy use. Note that the lower the energy consumption of the unit, the higher the star rating is. It will also show an estimate of the unit’s yearly energy consumption in KWh/year.


Using an energy-efficient appliance will not only let you spend less money on electricity costs but also a long-term saving.


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