If your allergies are becoming more frequent at home then you might have mould in your air conditioners.


Mould in the air conditioning system is bad and can be a nightmare for homeowners. It will circulate around your home and can cause illness and allergies. 


It is a common problem in Brisbane brought about by its humid climate and warm summers. 


So, how do you get rid of mould in air conditioners? Read on to find out how.

Ways To Get Rid Of Mould In Your Air Conditioners At Home 


Weekly wipe-down of your air conditioning unit


The very simple step in order to reduce mould in the air conditioning system is keeping the unit clean. If you constantly clean your air conditioner, the bacteria and mould spores on it will be gone. 


Mould spores’ large portion circulating through your A/C come from the surfaces directly surrounding its intake. So when you clean these surfaces, you are already defeating the mould. 


You may use a light anti-mould solution or something like clove oil mixed with warm water in cleaning.


Clean air conditioner’s filter


Remember that your air conditioner’s filter is your first layer of protection.


After lessening the number of mould spores into your air conditioner by doing a weekly wipe-down in your unit, it’s time to go deeper at your A/C’s in-built defence against mould --- the filter! 


Filter plays an important role since it prevents particles of dust and debris from entering you A/C system.


Keep the filter clean and free to make sure that it is working at its best. A clean filter weeds out the mould spores and helps air conditioner work effectively.


Pay attention to your air conditioning ducts to check the presence of mould


The perfect way to single out the mould that has slipped through your net is by simply gazing at the ducts of your air conditioner. 




Mould comes from the family of fungi. Thus, it holds onto any surface it can. The first surface that the mould is likely to come across as after it has been thrown out from your air conditioner is the duct.


How do you know if there is mould forming in your duct system?


The first sign of mould is discolouration. So when you see some mould together on your ducts, it’s time to act.


Got signs of mould in your air conditioning system? Act fast! Seek some professional help before it gets worse. Contact us today!