Do you notice ice starting to form in your freezer?

How about excessive water leaks from your fridge?

Do you think your refrigerator cycle is running too long?


Call a refrigeration expert in Toowoomba, today to check on these. Send us a message.

Refrigeration Services in Toowoomba


Common Refrigeration Problems in Toowoomba


Should you notice any of the following, it is important to immediately call our attention:



  • Refrigerator doors are not closing properly
  • Refrigerator lights aren’t working
  • Refrigerator is not freezing
  • Refrigerator is producing unusual sounds
  • Ice is building up in the freezer
  • Excessive water leaks accumulating
  • Refrigerator cycle is running too long



With our years of experience in refrigeration services, we can ensure a good fix and maintenance for your refrigerator. We handle all types and brands of refrigerators. Talk to us to let our skilled and trained refrigerator technicians handle this task for you. 

Why Choose Us For Refrigeration Services in Toowoomba


Care Technical Services has professional and reliable technicians that can attend to your various refrigeration problems in Toowoomba.  No problem is too big or too small for us to handle. Just send us a message so we can fix the problem, immediately. 


We ensure that your appliances are at its best even after a repair. This guarantees your refrigerator will be working efficiently, just the way you want it. 


Set your refrigeration Toowoomba service appointment with us. Don’t wait until it is too late.