Is your washing machine:

  • Leaking?
  • Stopping at mid-cycle?
  • Making unusual noises?



We can fix these problems for you right away! Send us a message.


Fast and Efficient Washing Machine Repair in Toowoomba


Life expectancy for front load washing machines average 7 years and 11 years on average for top load washing machine. But, this doesn’t mean it won’t need any washing machine repair within this period. Thus, it is important to properly maintain your washing machine in Toowoomba. 

Toowoomba Washing Machine Repair

Care Technical Services is your one-stop shop for any of your washing machine repair in Toowoomba. This includes:


  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Service and repair


We pride ourselves to be the best washing machine service and repair shop in Toowoomba. We are passionate about what we do and have been in the industry for years. Talk to our certified technicians, today. 


Reliable and Knowledgeable Washing Machine Technicians

Our technicians are always up to date with the latest technologies. We make it a point to keep on improving ourselves as the advancement of our technologies grow. We can fix your latest washing machine but we can also still make your old machine work. Send us a message.


Washing Machine Repair with Warranty


With Care Technical Services, we do not only get your machine back to life but we also give it a warranty. We have qualified Master Electricians that are also certified Green Electricians. Thus, you will not only get a fixed washing machine but an energy-efficient, one too. 


So what are you waiting for? Let us check on your washing machine, today.